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Pre & Post-Workout Bundle
Klean Athlete
Pre & Post-Workout Bundle
Our Pre & Post-Workout Bundle is designed to fuel the body with energy for intense, repetitive athletic training.‡ This bundle contains Klean Pre-Workout to promote focus and alertness and support enhanced athletic performance, plus Klean Isolate for muscle building, and repair. ‡ Contains: Klean Pre-Workout - Natural Lemon Tea Flavor, 200g. Klean Isolate - Unflavored, 446g.


Caffeinated pre-workout contains a caffeine amount anywhere from 50mg to 300mg per scoop. It’s main purpose is energy supply, but most pre-workouts contain other ingredients, such as creatine, beta alanine and carnitine.

Compare Supps Caffeinated Pre-Workout Recommendations

Goal: Provide quick and easy caffeine drink for energy supply and focus.

Usage: Caffeine content in pre-workouts varies greatly. Some contain up to 300mg per scoop, others only contain 100mg per scoop.

Other: If you have never taken pre-workout, start with a low caffeine dose and see the effects. Do not start with a very high caffeine product. This could be dangerous and unpleasant.


Brand new and unopend item.

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